Prime Minister Stephen Harper viewing some of Ed Telenko's productions. May 2010

The teaching techniques presently in use at the St. Catharines Academy of Fine Artists have been inspired by those used at the Ontario College of Art which in turn were patterned after the famous European school known as the "Bauhaus". It operated between 1919 and the late 30's. The Bauhaus founded by architect Walter Gropius was an academy where architects and artists such as Klee, Kandinski and others worked together advancing their principles of foundation studies, form, function, colour theory and individual expression.

Every effort is devoted to accommodating
each skill level and provide step by step
Instructions that leads to noticeable results.

Classes are designed to
expose students to various styles
and methods that encourages them
to, learn from others working in a variety
of media, as well as the instructor.

Art instruction follows a prescribed course curriculum that has been developed over a period of years and proven to be effective.

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Operating In St Catharines
The Church of the Transfiguration
320 Glenridge Av. St.Catharines
(At the corner of Glendale & Glenridge)
Ample Parking and
No steps to Negotiate