Drawing is fundamental to creating any representational art works.

Drawing programs start with an introduction to the use of simple materials and proceed with developing basic observation skills while emphasizing use of value scales and rudimentary sketching techniques.
Progress is accomplished by the introduction to techniques that quickly develop skills in the use of edges, shapes, positive and negative spaces, relationship concepts and basic linear (depth) perspective as well as the application of coloured pencils.
Advancement continues through use of additional materials such as Pen & Ink conte, charcoal, ink, and chalk pastels. A more in-depth study of colour theory, colour manipulation, aesthetics and even some reference to geometry, chemistry and physics will reveal certain concepts of harmony, balance and relationships that result in aesthetic composition.
The principles learned in any or all of the 3 stage Drawing process are designed to provide the student with all the skills necessary to enjoy creating rewarding images and compositions as well as a sound foundation for developing "Painting" skills.

Oils/Acrylics - All Levels

Students study oil (the most flexible of all mediums) and /or acrylic materials and how to prepare them for composition. Students will become familiar with application techniques and all aspects of colour mixing, blending, and glazing as well as the variety of brushes, palette knives, associated gels, textured mediums and other materials available for producing virtually any image imaginable.

Programs are designed to assist in the exploration of the basic mixing, colour theory and application techniques including the use of washes, wet in wet, and dry brush. The unique characteristics associated with watercolour are thoroughly discussed. Participants become acquainted with how the many hazards often clouding the work can be avoided or eliminated. As skills are acquired glowing colours create clear, bright and vibrant compositions. New studies will be available as required.

Art Club
An opportunity to examine a vast variety of different styles while learning and sharing with others, individual techniques that personalizes compositions. Classes will be structured as continuous workshops over the course of the term. Ed will guide students in the medium of their choice. Subject matter may be suggested by Ed or by the participants and instruction will be specific to each student. Ideal for promising youth students and those wanting opportunities to continue advancing their skills.

All Programs can be categorized within 3 designations: Basic (new  or very recent participants to the program), Extended (returning and/or improving an activity) and Enhancement, (having experience in a program).

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Art Instruction at the Academy of Fine Artists fall into 3 Major Categories: Drawing, Painting (Oils and Acrylics) and Water Colour Painting.
As in all of the Academy's programs each sub-category and each stage of development is tailored to student's interest, ability and capability