Ed Telenko B.F.A.
Executive Director

Ed is well known for his caricatures, portrait and lyrical paintings and provides art instruction at a number of venues including this Academy which conducts classes at the St. Catharines Boys & Girls Club in St. Catharines and Niagara College in Welland.
He currently is the lead pen and ink illustrator at Soleil Publishing Company, a publisher of books used to teach languages.
He works in a variety of media including graphite; ink, oils, acrylics and watercolours as well as photography and computer graphics and designs web sites. His painting style can best be described as "Lyrical Surrealism" and reflect an East Asia influence as well as artists such as J.M.W.Tuner, Wassily Kadinski, Franz Marc and Kasimir Malevich.
Ed Telenko, a graduate of Ontario College of Art & Design with a diploma in Drawing and Painting and a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts is the Academy's Founder, Executive Director and Lead Instructor.
Ed is well known for his caricatures, portrait and lyrical paintings and has had an extensive career in graphic design, advertising and art teaching

Art ShowEd's 2nd Annual Art Exhibition - October 2009
Blue Leaves
Lady and Cat
Art Smith
Sky and Colour
Old Man
Glowing Flower Office
Ferns in Office
Flying cranes
Glass like Sculptures
Wm Hamilton Merrit
We are pleased to have Ed Telenko B.F.A., executive director and lead instructor, nominated in the Education in Arts category for the St. Catharines Arts Awards 2014 Click